Påmelding for lærere

For å motta informasjon om neste års (og fremtidige) informatikkolympiade, kan lærere melde på sin skole på epostlisten under. Oppgaveinstruksjoner til 1.runde vil ankomme senest fredag uken før, dvs normalt fredag i uke 45.

4 thoughts on “Påmelding for lærere

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  2. Hi,

    I was wondering whether the Olympiad is available to be taken in English or only Norsk. Also, when is the deadline for applying to 2014/2015 competition. Also, I wanted to know whether I am eligible to participate because even though I am going to videregående skole in Sandefjord (Skagerak International School), I am over 18 because I turned 18 this February.


    Best Regards

    • Hi Angkur,

      You are eligible to participate. The problem set is only available in Norwegian, but it may be possible depending on your level to understand most of it, since it is not a lot of text. The application deadline for teachers was November 1, but if you can tell at teacher at your school to contact us at nio@nio.no ASAP, then maybe we can work something out.

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