CFEngine to sponsor the Norwegian Informatics Olympiad


The Norwegian technology company CFEngine develops a tool that automates setup, configuration and monitoring of large numbers of computers. In turn, this makes life easier for developers and system administrators managing large server farms. The tool is available both as a community Open Source edition on github, and as an enterprise edition aimed at businesses.

An example of a task CFEngine can do is to make sure the Apache software is installed and properly configured on all web servers in a company. Whenever new machines are added, they are automatically configured as well.

CFEngine is mainly developed in the C programming language, which is the predecessor of C++ and famous for its speed. Many contestants in the Norwegian Informatics Olympiad (NIO) will feel at home in this language. Part of CFEngine’s success is due to its few platform dependencies and its high performance, which pays off when you’re running on thousands of machines.

We welcome CFEngine as a new sponsor of the Norwegian Informatics Olympiad!